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About Rajasthan
"Banswara" name derived by Hindi (Indian) word ĎBansí in English known as Bamboo, as you will find a lot of Bamboo graves as for the eye could see. Thatís why it named as Banswara. It is mainly inhabited by Indian tribal community Bhils, they constitutes half of the total population of Banswara. Banswara is land of farmers as the land here is really fertile plains in the western and central part and when you move eastward you will find Aravaliís rang of mountains and it make spectacular view and a treat to eye.

Banswara State was founded by Maharawal Jagmal Singh and the chieftainship of Kushalgarh. Udaipur and Chittaurgarh district was within Banswara State, when it was under Maharaja Jagmal.
Banswara is known for ruins of the ancient town surrounded by a stone wall. Even a place is still there and looks like it is guarding the ruins of the old town.

Banswara also known for its rich wildlife, flora and fauna, you will find Mango, Dates, Mahua trees in abundance along with teak forests on the slopes of the Aravali hills. Around four hundreds antelops room free at forest of Aravali hills along with Chinkara and The Ranj. You might have enough luck to see rare panther, down to earth squirrels, snakes and lizards. Black Drongos, grey shrikes, Green bee-eater, parrots, jungle crows, woodpeckers, and the common myna fly free.
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