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About Rajasthan
"Ajmer" is the place which can turn you mindscape to the 7th century and knows how Raja Ajai Pal Chouhan found the historical city of Ajmer. Ajmer city a green oasis wrapped by barren hills. Ajmer was the power centre of The Chouhan clan until 1193 A.D. through the time of war and peace. It’s always known for its serenity and sacrifice.
After Ajai Pal chouhan its came the legend that is still narrated, albeit sometimes, word of mouth “The chivalry of Prithviraj Chouhan”.
After the last mighty battle of Mahammed Ghauri and Rajput prince Prithviraj Chouhan Ajmer changed hands to become a home to many dynasties.

Many come and left. But each of them left unforgettable marks of their culture and traditions, and it was the starting of perfect bonding between two faiths Islam and Hinduism.
Now hundreds of year passed. Ajmer became popular Pilgrimage centre for Muslim as well as Hindus.

The famous Dargah Sharif, tomb of the sufi Saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti is equally revered by the Hindus and Muslims.

Ajmer is also base for the visitors who wanted to visit Pushkar situated 11 km’s far from Ajmer famous for the Temple of Lord Brahma (this is the only one temple of Lord Brahma in the world). Hindu devotees take dip in the month of October to November (month of Kartik)
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