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About Rajasthan
"Alwar" an ancient Rajput state was known as Mewat now known as Alwar is a major tourist destination and hub for businessmen also. A massive ancient fort perched hill, tells the rich history of the land of Rajputas.
Proud Rajputas did not accept any external interference and stood up against every foreign invasion. At around 1276 A.D. Rajputas had formed a group and raid Delhi, but Sultan Baldan squashed them and brings the entire area under Muslim control.
Afterward Maharaja Pratap Singh a Kahchwaha Rajput, who belong to the clan of Jaipur rulers fight back Alwar and founded back the rule of Rajputas.
Expect the history of Alwar has Serene Lakes, picturesque valleys, thick woods, flora and fauna to offer to tourists.
Alwar also famous for The Sariska wildlife sanctuary, one of the best wildlife sanctuary in Rajasthan, where you can see some of the finest variety of the Birds, animals, and the King of the Jungle Tiger, Alwar also known for Sariska’s Growling tigers.
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