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About Rajasthan
"Barmer" The intersection of colour, warmth, tradition and happiness are the eminent characters of Barmer.
Bahada Rao founded the place in the 13th century and named it Barmer after the hill fort of Bar.
Prior in 12th century A.D., it was known as Mallani, made of a cluster of Parganas (regions)--- mallani Shiv, Pachpadra, Siwana and the Chohtan area, according to legend. The present Barmer district was formed in 1949 upon the merger of Jodhpur state in the United States Of Great Rajasthan.

Barmer has the duality to its nature, on one hand its the core Barren land, with harsh climate and rough terrain and on the other for its rich crafts, dances and music.

The town has earned the fame in wood carving, pottery, carpets weaving, embroidery work, block printed fabrics and multi-hued traditional costumes. The peculiarity is of the geometric Ajrak prints in dark shades of blue and red, for protection against scratching sun.
One gets a chance to experience the rural Rajasthan while going to Balmer. With their mud-walled houses decorated with delicate folk motifs and colourfully dressed people a fascinating sight, indeed.
Barmer festival of March is a good treat for those who are looking for the culture and traditions in this ever changing world. This is the Rajasthan in miniature.
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