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About Rajasthan
"Jaisalmer"Here, the reality and imagination become one. Approaching Jaisalmer; the heart of the Thar Desert, rooted in yellow sandstone, this citadel city stands in all its awesome splendour.
Its revealed in the legend that the Lord Krishna once said that a remote descendant of the Yadav clan would establish his kingdom atop the Trikuta hill. Then, later, Rawal Jaisal, a Yadav, left his fort at Lodurva and founded a new capital Jaisalmer, hovering over the Trikuta hills.
Much later, Mumbai became the favourite transit for the shipping trade and it led to the decline of Jaisalmer. The fortress, however, stood the test of time. However, even today, the medieval majesty of the citadel still remains with its narrow lanes, glorious palaces and havelis of the rich and the famous temples. At sunset, Jaisalmer transforms into a magical Kingdom - the Sonar Kila.
The best suitable time to experience this bravura golden city is during the desert festival, which is celebrated every February. This time the city echoes with sounds and rhythms of culture, colours and local folklore. Join in on the festivity with folk dances or games involving tying the turban; emerge as Mr. Desert Enthral. Stroll the colourful craft bazaars; thrill with the sound and light spectacle with folk artists. Live it on a full moon night with the Sand dunes as a backdrop.
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